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Monitor PSUtil


PSUtil Metric plugin is an agent-based plugin that collects below data for each process running on the machine

  • Process ID
  • Username
  • CPU (%)
  • CPU time
  • Memory (%)
  • Resident Memory (%)
  • Virtual Memory (%)
  • Elapsed time
  • Processor
  • State Code

Agent Configuration

Refer to sfAgent section for steps to install and automatically generate plugin configurations. User can also manually add the configuration shown below to config.yaml under /opt/sfagent/ directory

key: <profile_key> 
Name: <name>
appName: <app_name>
projectName: <project_name>
-name: psutil
enabled: true
interval: 60
numprocess: 10
sortby: pcpu

Configuring parameters


You can configure plugin to collect top 10 process which used High CPU (%) as in sample configuration.

  • numprocess: Number of processes for which metrics have to be collected. Set numprocess to 0 or leave it empty to get metrics for all processes. Default is 15.

  • sortby: Sorts the process by sortby field and selects the top N processes. Default value is pcpu. E.g. you can collect top 10 processes by CPU Util if the sortby field is pcpu. Possible values are,

    uname   - Username 
    pid - ProcessId
    psr - Processor
    pcpu - CPUPercent
    cputime - CPUTime
    pmem - Memory Percent
    rsz - Resident Memory
    vsz - Virtual Memory
    etime - Elapsed Time
    s - State code

Viewing data and dashboards

  • Data collected by plugin can be viewed in SnappyFlow’s browse data section under metrics
    • plugin= psutil
    • documentType = processStats
  • Dashboard of psutil data can be rendered usingTemplate= PSUTIL

Test Matrix

Centos: 7.x

RHEL: 7.x

Ubuntu: 14.x, 16.x

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