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Monitoring File Stats using fileStats Plugin

The fileStats Metric plugin is an agent-based plugin that collects the following data

  • system allocated file handles

  • system file allocated unused handles

  • system max file handles

  • system used file handles

  • system used file handles percentage

  • system free inodes

  • system inodes in use

  • system total inodes

  • system used inodes

Centos: 7.x

RHEL: 7.x

Ubuntu: 14.x, 16.x

Prerequisites - Install sysstat command

  • sfAgent must be installed

  • The cpuLoadStats plugin requires sysstat to be installed

To install Sysstat in CentOS/RHEL:

 sudo yum install sysstat

To install Sysstat in Ubuntu OS:

 sudo apt install sysstat

Agent Configuration

Add the configuration shown below to config.yaml under /opt/sfagent/ directory

Default config

 key: <profile_key> 
Name: <name>
appName: <app_name>
projectName: <project_name>
- name: fileStats
group_name: linux
enabled: true

Viewing data and dashboards

  • Data collected by plugin can be viewed in SnappyFlow’s browse data section under metrics

    • plugin=fileStats
    • documentType=fileStats
  • Dashboard of fileStats data can be rendered using Template= LinuxCpuLoad