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Version: Cloud

Monitor Azure Log


Plugin relays the log events stored in event hub to snappyflow APM.


Plugin supports two modes of basic authorization

  1. Managed Service Identity (MSI)

    Register sfpoller with Managed identity enabled. Refer Enable Managed Identity

    Assign Azure Event Hubs Data receiver role to the sfpoller machine using following steps,

    • In azure portal, Open Access control (IAM) pane shown in sfpoller VM inventory page.
    • Click the Role assignments tab to view the role assignments at this scope
    • Click Add > Add role assignment. If you don't have permissions to assign roles, the Add role assignment option will be disabled.
    • Configure role option to Azure Event Hubs Data receiver, Assign access to option to Virtual Machine and choose respective subscription and the vm name

    For more detailed information please refer Assign Role to resource

  2. Service Principal Token

    Token based Authentication is required if MSI is not available Steps to obtain Service Principal Token,

    • Register an Application in Azure Active Directory and create a service principal
    • Create a secret by which application uses to prove its identity.
    • In registered application, select API permissions > Add a permission > APIs my organization uses > Microsoft.EventHubs > Add permissions

    Collect ClientID, ClientSecret, TenantId, SubscriptionId from registered app For more detailed information please refer Azure Docs .

EventHub Access Claim

Configure any of the Shared access policies across both EventHub and its respective EventHubNamespace (available in settings section of respective resources in azure portal) should have Mange claim

Plugin Configuration

Plugin to be configured through sfpoller

  • Select Manage > Cloud Account > Add > Azure (AccountType). If Service Principal Token in Prerequisites section is adopted, add the client credentials generated , else configure only Subscription Id, Region, Resource Group where the eventhub belongs

  • Create desired Project and Application. Select Add Endpoint > Azure > Account Name > Azure-LogEvents. Configure a custom instance name, desired eventhub, and its namespace.

  • Log Specification: If all the logs updated in eventhub needs to be collected, leave the field empty. Unique identifier for each log kind is its category. Refer Available Categories. Each log category has its own schema of metrics Schema Per Category.

    A log Specification includes a category and following set of defined options which applies to that category, Resources: Comma Separated azure resources those are intended to be monitored Target: Specify whether data to be rendered in metric or log dashboard. Available values to be set, metric and log Message Field: The field will be identified as desired log message to be shown in snappyflow APM (applicable only if Target is set to log)

For help with plugins, please reach out to