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Monitor TripWire


Tripwire Metric Plugin parses reports generated by Tripwire Intrusion Detection System.


  • Tripwire plugin supported only for ubuntu and centos distributions. For other platforms, reach out to

  • Tripwire plugin requires Tripwire package to be installed

    For installation of Tripwire package

    • Centos Distributions refer centos

    • Ubuntu distributions refer ubuntu

Configuration Settings

Refer to sfAgent section for steps to install and configure sfagent. Tripwire plugin configurations can be automatically generated by sfagent or added manually. To manually add the configuration, update  config.yaml under /opt/sfagent directory

- name: tripwire
enabled: true
interval: 300
report_path: /var/lib/tripwire/report

If Tripwire reports need to be triggered automatically once in the day, you can add a cron job for it. To add a Cronjob,

    crontab -e


0 0 * * * tripwire --check

Once you save the file, a cron job gets scheduled automatically.

if you want to run the Cronjob at a specific time everyday at say 11:30 AM, use following command

 30 11 * * * tripwire --check

To trigger a Tripwire report at any point in time, use the following command

tripwire --check 


It consists of three document types

  • tripwireReportSummary : contains information about report creation date, user who created, policy used , command used for triggering report
  • tripwireRuleSummary : contains information related to list of rules added for monitoring and its severity, count of added, removed and modified files
  • tripwireObjectSummary : contains detailed information about list of added, removed and modified files per rules

Use the built-in TripWire dashboard for data visualization.

Tripwire summary pane


Tripwire object details pane


Viewing data and dashboards

Data collected by plugins can be viewed in SnappyFlow’s browse data section under metrics section

plugin: TripWire

documentType: tripwireReportSummary, tripwireRuleSummary, tripwireObjectSummary

Dashboard template: TripWire

For help with plugins, please reach out to