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Plugin collects MSSQL stats in different category as serverDetails , databaseDetails and tableDetails .


MSSQL service should be running and it should be reachable from controller VM. To check it is reachable from controller VM run this command

sqlcmd -S <hostIP> -U <username> -P <password>

Configuration Settings

Select MSSQL Endpoint Type in Add Endpoints and add the following parameters:

  • IP: DB Instance IP

Select the plugin from the dropdown under Plugins tab and config the following parameters:

  • Username: DB login username
  • Password: DB login password
  • Port: Connecting port
  • Document Types: Select the required document types. Available options are serverDetails, databaseDetails, tableDetails, queryDetails.
  • Interval: Polling interval


All MSSQL metrics are collected and tagged based on their document type to be displayed in MSSQL dashboard.

Further Reading

For help with plugins, please reach out to