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Version: Cloud

Create Slack Notification Channel

Step 1: Generate Slack Token

Create New App For Your Workspace

  1. Visit

  2. Click the Create New App button.

  3. In the Create an App window, Select From scratch option.

  4. In the Name app & choose workspace window,

    • Give a App Name
    • Select a workspace
    • Click the Create App button.

Provide Permission & Scope

  1. Go to the Features section and select OAuth & Permissions (1).

  2. In the OAuth & Permissions window, scroll down to the Scopes and go to Bot Token Scopes.

  3. Click the Add an Oauth Scope to add scopes.

  4. Add the following scopes to the Bot Token Scopes.

    • chat:write

    • chat:write:public

    • im:read

    • mpim:read

    • groups:read

    • channels:read


    Make sure that you select Bot Token Scope not the User Token Scope.

Install Slack App To Workspace & Generate Token

  1. Scroll up in the OAuth & Permissions window and click the Install to Workspace button.

  2. Click Allow to Provide permission for the newly created App.

  3. Copy the Bot User OAuth Token and paste token in Slack notification settings in SnappyFlow.

Step 2: Create a Slack Notification Channel in SnappyFlow

  1. Go to the Manage tab.

  2. Click the down arrow icon near your profile.

  3. Go to the Notification section.

  4. Enter the required details.

    • Type - Click the drop-down icon and select Slack
    • Name - Type a UserName
    • Token - Enter the Token generated from the Slack app
  5. You can use the Standard template or Create new template using JSON format.

  6. Click the Add button.

  1. The table with user details will be generated as shown in the above image. The table has the following details:
  • Type - Notification type
  • Name - Profile Name
  • Status - State of integration
  • Action - The action column has options to Edit and Delete the profile
  1. Click the Add new button to create multiple Slack notification profiles.

You have successfully created a Slack notification channel. The next step is to map the notification to your project Click here.