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Version: Self Hosted Turbo

Create Zenduty Notification Channel


Application Program Interface (API) integration key from Zenduty

Get Zenduty API key

  1. Login into your Zenduty account.

  2. Go to the Teams (1) Section.

  3. Select a Team (2).

  4. In the Team (1) window, go to the Services (2) section.

  5. In the Services (2) section, select a Service (3).

  6. In the Service window (1), go to the Integration (2) tab.

  7. Click the + Add Integration (3) button.

  8. In the Add Integration (1) window, select API (2) as the integration type.

  9. Click the Add Integration (3) button.

  10. Copy the Integration Key generated.

Create a Zenduty Notification Channel in SnappyFlow

  1. Go to the Manage (1) tab.

  2. Click the down arrow (2) icon near your profile.

  3. Go to the Notification (1) section.

  4. Enter the required details.

    • Type - Click the drop-down icon and select Zenduty
    • Name - Type a UserName
    • API Key - Enter the API key generated in your Zenduty account
  5. Click the Verify (2) button.

  6. valid API Key message will be generated if the API key is valid.

  7. Click the Add (1) button.

  8. The table with user details will be auto-generated as shown in the above image. The table has the following details:

    • Type - Notification type
    • Name - Profile Name
    • Status - State of integration
    • Action - The action column has options to Edit and Delete the profile
  9. Click the Add new (1) button to create multiple Zenduty notification profiles.

    You have successfully created a Zenduty notification channel. The next step is to map the notification to your project Click here.