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Version: Self Hosted Turbo

Step 3: Mapping Alerts to Notification Channel

Follow the below steps to map the alerts in an application.

  1. Go to the Applications (1) tab.

  2. Click the + (2) icon to expand your project.

  3. Click the application's View Dashboard (3) icon.

  4. In the Dashboard window, go to the Alerts (1) tab.

  5. Click the Alerts Definition (2) option.

  6. Select the required alert type (3) in the Alerts column.

  7. In the Alert Operations column, click the Edit (4) button.

  8. In the Edit Alerts (1) window, go to the Notification (2) section.

  9. Select the Severity (3).

  10. Select the Notification Channel (4).

  11. Click the Save (5) button.

  12. You have defined the notification channels for the alert.

  13. Select the required alert type (1) in the Alerts column.

  14. Click the Enable Notification (2) button.

  15. In the Enable Notification (1) window, Select alert severity (2) based on your requirement.

  16. Click the Yes (3) button.

    You have successfully mapped an alert from an application.