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Version: Self Hosted Turbo

Create Webhook Notification Channel

Set up a Webhook Notification Channel

Follow the below steps to set up a Webhook notification channel in SnappyFlow.

  1. Go to the Manage tab.

  2. Navigate to your Profile > Notifications section.

  3. In the Notification section, click the Add New button.

  4. In the Add New Notification window, enter the required details:

    • Type - Click the drop-down icon and select Webhook
    • Time Zone - Select your time zone
    • Name - Provide a meaningful name for this channel
    • URL - Webhook URL
    • Response Field - Give an attribute to identify the notification from this channel
    • Authorization - Choose an authorization (None, Token, OAuth 2.0). Based on the authorization provide the details from Webhook.

    AuthorizationDetails Required
    TokenSecurity Key
    OAuth 2.0Client ID, Client Secret (secret key), Token URL, Scope

  5. Click the Verify button to verify the Webhook URL.

  6. Click the Add button.

  7. A table with the channel details will be generated as shown in the above image. The table has the following details:

    • Type - Notification type
    • Name - Name of the notification channel
    • Status - Current state of integration
    • Action - The action column has options to Edit and Delete the channel
  8. Click the Add new button to create multiple Webhook notification channels.

Add the Channel to the Project

The next step is to add the notification channel to your project Click here.