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Version: Self Hosted Lite

Real User Monitoring


Real User Monitoring (RUM) is used for performance analysis of client(Browser) side component of an application. It involves recording end-user interactions with a website or a client interacting with a server or cloud-based application. It allows website/application owners to visualize the sequence of actions and events that take place during an interaction. Metrics such as Response time, Transactions, Errors, Event information, Browser information are monitored and visualized to help identify and troubleshoot website performance issues. Below are the screenshots of RUM Dashboard.





Supported Technologies

All the applications developed using javascript or javascript based frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue etc are supported.

Setting up Real User Monitoring (RUM) in SnappyFlow

Snappyflow provides a lightweight and powerful sf-apm-rum agent that can be installed in your web application to monitor user integrations in real time. Steps to install RUM agent

Performance Metrics

Below are the various performance metrics that are captured by the sf-apm-rum agent