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Version: Self Hosted Lite

Monitor Cloud Services


To Monitor cloud services you require sfPoller. sfPoller collects metrics from your cloud services and send these metrics to SnappyFlow. You can access and visualize these metrics through SnappyFlow dashboard. These metrics will enable you to gain valuable insights into the performance and health of your cloud services. In SnappyFlow-Selfhosted Lite model, sfPoller is integrated as a part of the product.

Steps to initiate monitoring for cloud services

  1. Login into your SnappyFlow account.

  2. Click the drop-down near to the + Add New button at the top right corner of the page.

  3. Select Discover Endpoints option.

  4. There are three major steps to discover an endpoint.

    • Accounts - Add a cloud account
    • Choose Project - Link a project and an application
    • Discover Endpoints - Add an endpoint to the project and application

Add Cloud Account

Follow the below steps to add a Cloud Account.

  1. Select the + Add Account button.

  2. In the Add Account window, first choose your account type and fill in the details accordingly.

  3. For Account type - AWS, add the following details:

    • Account Name - Give a meaningful name to your cloud account

    • Profile - Add the SnappyFlow Profile that you need to link to your cloud account

    • Access Type: Choose your access type - Use IAM role or Use access credentials.

    • In the Access Details section, give the Access Key, Security Key and Access Token (optional).

    • Region: Select a region from the drop-down

    • VPC: Select your VPC from the drop-down.

  4. Check the Enable Monitoring checkbox.

  5. Add the following to information in the Cost Analysis section. For example refer the below image.

    • Cost Tag
    • Frequency
    • Bucket Name
    • Report Path
  6. Select the Ok button to save the account.

  7. For Account type - Azure, add the following details:

    • Account Name
    • Profile
    • Access Type
    • Client Secret
    • Client ID
    • Tenant ID
    • Subscription ID
    • Location
    • Resource Group
    • VNET
  8. Select the cloud account and click the Next button.

Choose Project

In the Choose Project section, do the following to link a project and application to the cloud account.

  1. In the Projects tab, select an existing project or create a new project by selecting + Add Project button.

  2. In the Application tab, select an existing application or create a new application by selecting + Add Application button.

  3. Select the Next button.

Discover Endpoints

In the Discover Endpoints section, do the following steps to add an endpoint.

  1. Click the drop-down of services and select a service.

  2. Add the Tag name and key value in the below format and click the search icon.


  3. Check the checkbox of the endpoint.

  4. Select the Add selected endpoint(s) option.

  5. Click the Save button to save the endpoint.


Once the endpoint is added, the metrics will refelect in the dashboard of the particular application.