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Version: Self Hosted Lite

Monitor Windows OS


Monitoring of Windows based application requires installation of a lightweight agent, sfAgent on Windows. sfAgent provides following features:

  • Monitoring of various services based on specified configurations
  • Log parsing and collection
  • Trace Java, Python and Golang applications (check out sfTracing for details)

Supported Platforms

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

Install sfAgent on Windows

  1. Download the sfAgent executable from the link below

    Dowload sfAgent
  2. Run sfAgent.exe executable with Administrator privileges and complete the installation

Configure sfAgent on Windows

  • Navigate to sfAgent installation location C:\Program Files (x86)\sfAgent
  • Open file sample.yaml
  • Add Key and edit configuration for metrics and logger
  • Save the file and rename sample.yaml to config.yaml


  • Powershell.exe must be available in %PATH environment variable
  • For winjvm plugin, java should be installed and java path should be set in %PATH environment variable

Run sfAgent service

  • Open task manager and service tab.
  • Search for service sfAgent and right click on it and click start to start service.
  • To stop, right click on running service and click stop.

Standard Plugins and Log Parsers

sfAgent for Windows includes plugins and log parsers for a number of standard applications and operating system utilities.

(documentation coming soon!)

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