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Version: Self Hosted Turbo

Monitor NetStat


Netstat Metric plugin is an agent-based plugin that collects below data for each process running on the machine.

  • Tcp Connections
  • Udp Connections
  • TcpEstablish Connections
  • TcpListening Connections
  • TcpOpening Connections
  • TcpClosing Connections
  • TcpWaiting Connections
  • Traffic in MB
  • Bytes Acked
  • Bytes Received
  • Tcp Udp futher info table

Prerequisite - Install netstat command

  • If this package is not present, use the following commands to install it.
    • To install net-tools package in CentOS/RHEL:

      sudo yum install net-tools

    • To install net-tools package in Ubuntu OS:

      sudo apt-get install net-tools

Agent Configuration

Refer to sfAgent section for steps to install and automatically generate plugin configurations. User can also manually add the configuration shown below to config.yaml under /opt/sfagent/ directory. Add the list of required foreign ports in the field “ports”. The list of ports must be comma separated values.

NOTE: If no ports are mentioned in the config.yaml, sfagent will filter ports based on default ports that are 80,8080,8000 and 443.

key: <profile_key> 
Name: <name>
appName: <app_name>
projectName: <project_name>
- name: netstat
enabled: true
interval: 60
ports: <list_of_ports> #80,8080,8000,443

Viewing data and dashboards

  • Data collected by plugin can be viewed in SnappyFlow’s browse data section under metrics
    • plugin=netstat
    • documentType=netstatDetails.
  • Dashboard of Netstat data can be rendered using Template= Netstat

Test Matrix

Centos: 7.x

RHEL: 7.x

Ubuntu: 14.x, 16.x

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