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Version: Self Hosted Turbo

Monitor Oracle ASH Database


OracleASH plugin fetch and parse the oracle ASH report from AWS-RDS.


  • Mention the RDS Database instance name while adding the RDS Endpoint in 'Instance Name' field.
  • DB Host address must be specified in the 'IP' field of the RDS Endpoint configuration.

Configuration Settings

Add plugin through the Plugins tab under RDS Endpoint.

Optional Parameters:

  • ASH Report File Prefix: By default RDS generates the ASH report file name in the format "ashrpt_beginTime_endTime". Specify the file name prefix, if changed. Default value is "ashrpt".
  • Service Name(SID): Oracle service name.
  • Username: Database login username.
  • Password: Database login password.
  • Port: Database port.
  • Report Duration in Minutes: Total time of the report in minutes. Example: If the Report Duration in Minutes is set to 5 minutes, then it will generate an ASH report for the last 5 mintues in each poll. This value should be lesser than the plugin interval.


Following sections from the ASH report are captured by snappyflow with respective document types:

  • Top Service/Module
  • Top SQL Command Types
  • Top Phases of Execution
  • Top SQL with Top Events
  • Top Sessions
  • Top Blocking Sessions.

To add support for more sections, please reach out to snappyflow team.

Use the dashboard template 'Oracle_ASH' for visualization.

For help with plugins, please reach out to