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Version: Self Hosted Turbo

Setup for IIS Server and Access Logging

IIS Web Server Setup

  1. Open Server Manager from Start menu.
  1. Select "Add roles and features" on Server Manager Dashboard.
  1. A wizard will open, click on next.
  1. Click on next.
  1. Again, click on next.
  1. Select "Web Server(IIS)" in Server Roles.
  1. Click on "Add Features"
  1. Click on next.
  1. Click on next.
  1. In Role Services, select all features under "Common HTTP features", "Health and Diagnostics" and "Performance".
  1. Install.
  1. Wait for installation to complete.
  1. After Installation, close the wizard.
  1. Navigate to Server Manager Dashboard, IIS Web Server is installed and can be seen in the left pane.

Starting Performance Counters

  1. Click on IIS. Your server will be listed under "SERVERS".
  1. Right click on your server, and select "Start Performance Counters".

IIS Access Logging Setup

  1. Right click on your server, and select "Internet Information Services(IIS)".
  1. Navigate to your web site in left pane, and select it.
  1. Double click on "Logging" Option.
  1. Click on "Select Fields…".
  1. Select all fields.
  1. After selecting all fields, click on "Ok".
  1. Click on "Apply" in the right pane under "Actions".

IIS Web server setup is complete with access logging.