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Version: Self Hosted Turbo

RUM Glossary



An event that deviates from the normal flow of the application which results in an issue.

Error Rate

Number of errors that occur per minute.


A single unit of information, containing a timestamp plus additional data.


Flame Graph

A diagram that depicts the stepwise breakup of the event and time spent in each of those events


Response Time

The duration of time spent by the system between the start and end of an event.


Slow Page

Any Page which has relatively higher Response time.


Information about the execution of a specific code path. Spans measure from the start to the end of an activity and can have a parent/child relationship with other spans.


Target Response Time

The ideal Response time within which the response is expected from a system


Defines the amount of time an application spends on a request. Traces are made up of a collection of transactions and spans that have a common root.


A special kind of span that has additional attributes associated with it. Transactions describe an event captured by the sf-apm-rum instrumenting a service.

Transaction Rate

Number of transactions that occur per minute.