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Sending notifications to Slack


SnappyFlow sends alerts/notifications to Slack and alerts can be configured to fit your existing business processes

Step 1: Create Slack Token

Create New App For Your Workspace

  • Visit
  • Click on create new app
  • Enter your Slack app name
  • Select the workspace from the drop-down
  • Click Create App

Provide Permission Scope

  • Select OAuth & Permissions under Features section from left side menu.

  • Scroll down to Scope section and find Bot Token Scope.

  • Click Add an Oauth Scope and select chat:write:public, im:read, mpim:read, groups:read, channels:read

  • scope from drop-down

  • It automatically adds chat:write scope along with it.

  • note

    There is another scope below the Bot Token Scope called as user Token Scope. Select bot token scope and not the user token scope.

Install Slack App To Workspace & Generate Token

  • scroll-up and Click Install App to Workspace.
  • Click Allow to Provide permission for newly created App.
  • Copy the Bot User OAuth Access Token and paste token in APM Slack settings.

Features and Functionality(optional)

  • Select "App Home" under Features section from left side menu.
  • Scroll down to Your App’s Presence in Slack section
  • Enable Always show My Bot as Online in App Home

Step 2: Add Slack Token to SnappyFLow

  • Under the Manage tab in SnappyFlow portal, select your profile and click on notifications.
  • Select notification type as Slack and give a name of your choice and add the token generated in step 1 in the Token field


Step 3: Add Slack notification to the Project



Step 4: Setup Alerts

From the Application Dashboard, In the Alert Definition page , Edit the Alerts and check the “Notify” option